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Social Responsibility Policies

The Bureau has always followed the principles of “safety, transparency, efficiency and steadiness” while diversifying fund investment portfolio, integrating resources, and strengthening investment strategies. Furthermore, the Bureau has been advocating socially responsible investment (SRI) through its influence on the capital market. To perform social responsibility and manage the Bureau’s funds on behalf of the stakeholders, such as beneficiaries, regulators, trustees, communities, employees and suppliers, the Bureau has formulated social responsibility policies while taking into account laborers’ rights, employees’ career development, and environmental protection. The Bureau looks forward to building a more ideal society, a friendlier work culture, and a more sustainable future.


Social Responsibility Report

The Bureau is committed to performing social responsibility other than steadily making profits. For years we have continued to care for laborers’ rights, fulfill our supervisory duties, and advocate corporate social responsibility. We hope that the publication of the Social Responsibility Report will enhance our communication with the stakeholders and the general public, and that those who are interested in the Bureau can learn about our philosophy and efforts in performing social responsibility, enhancing laborers’ welfare and dignity at work. We expect ourselves to play a leading role in driving the social responsibility awareness of Taiwan’s companies and organizations.

Please refer to the following links regarding our Social Responsibility Report:


Socially Responsible Investment

Corporate social responsibility in a broad sense refers to moral behaviors carried out by a company in society, especially that the company must be responsible for all stakeholders when running business, not just for shareholders. The Bureau has therefore incorporated socially responsible investment policies in our investment guidelines. By implementing socially responsible investment (or sustainable and responsible investment) and taking into account social and environmental factors, we choose to invest in sustainable companies. By doing so, we hope to benefit the society, the environment and the economy, in addition to creating investment return.


Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors

After TWSE launched the “Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors” on June 30 2016, the Bureau upheld its principle of socially responsible investment and became one of the first pioneers to sign these Principles. The spirit of the principle is to encourage investee companies to strengthen corporate governance and fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR) through persistent attention and communication, which is an important strategy of socially responsible investment of the Bureau.


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