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  • Publication Date:2017-03-20


As the special agency for fund investment management, the foremost important mission for the Bureau is to improve fund investment performance. To perfect the short, mid and long-term investment  for the funds, the Bureau developed investment strategies, asset allocation and annual utilization plans to conduct investment execution, mandate management, risk management, and auditing as well as other operations and regulation amendment.

Affairs under the Bureau's control and management:

  • Investment utilization of the funds.
  • Research and analysis of fund investment in domestic and foreign financial markets.
  • Planning and execution of investment policy, asset allocation and annual utilization plans for the Funds.
  • Establishment of risk budgets, execution of risk management, and compilation and analysis of risk reporting for the Funds.
  • Planning and execution of the mandated investment plan, selection, supervision and evaluation of mandated asset management institutes.
  • Cash management, accounting, statistics and custody related affairs of fund investment utilization.
  • Planning of fund information system, computer programming, data processing, and other information management related affairs.
  • Affairs related to annual budgets and final accounts of the funds.
  • Planning and execution of annual fund audit plan.
  • Planning, execution and appraisal of general fund operations.
  • Planning and implementation of fund utilization regulations.
  • Other affairs related to fund management.
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