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Privacy and Security Policy

  • Publication Date:2018-02-02

Privacy and Security Policy

Welcome to the global information network of the Bureau of Labor Funds. The Bureau of Labor Funds(hereinafter BLF) respects and protects the security and privacy when you utilizing the internet. In order to help you understand how the BLF information network works on the issue, ie., securing your safety of using our website, and collecting, referencing and protecting your personal information, we urge you to read through our [Privacy and Security Policy] carefully.

Network safety and protection measures

Un-authorized uploading or altering the services and information provided by BLF are prohibited and may against the law.

For the safety of our website and to make sure that this service is available for all network users, BLF website has adopted following safety measures:

  1. Using the detecting system for any network invasion, monitoring and controlling the flow so as to block the malicious behaviors of un-authorized uploads, alteration, or hackers.
  2. Installing firewall to prevent illegal invasion, alteration, or stealing of information. We also protect our website from being illegally used to guarantee users' rights.
  3. Installing virus scan software to scan virus regularly so as to offer our users a safer environment for browsing.
  4. Irregularly conducting virtual hacker attack, and training our reactions and reporting procedures when security incident happens. Simultaneously, supporting website with a proper defense action.
  5. Backing up files on a daily basis to save all information in the server.
  6. Automatically receiving the email messages from work station suppliers or application suppliers, and following the suggestions of the email messages to install proper PATCH.


Privacy Policy

Definition of announcement of privacy protection

The following privacy protection announcement refers only to the personal information collection, referencing and protection when you use the services of BLF global information network, but not applies to other governmental websites link to BLF website. All websites link to BLF global information network maintain their own privacy policies that are not the responsibility of BLF global information network. When you connect to these websites, you should check the privacy policy of each particular website for your personal information protection.

Personal information requirements and use

  1. BLF website doesn't require any personal ID information submission for only browsing and download files on the BLF website .
  2. When using the service mailbox, opinion mailbox, and various on-line services offered by BLF website, it may require your personal information. The office in charge will ask you to provide the most up-to-date and true information of your name, ID, phone number, email, residential address and registered address.
  3. Our website records user IP, browsing time, pages, and content. The information gives our website data for analyzing the flow and network behavior, which facilitates and improves our service quality. It provides the data of the overall user behavior analysis, and will not analyze behavior of any individual user.
  4. The BLF global information network is obliged to protect your privacy and will not change or delete any personal information and files without your approval. BLF website won't do it unless it is agreed by you or the following conditions occur:

(1)Violations of the regulations of this website, ie., traducing, or statements that involves personal attack. 

(2)To Protect or defend relevant personal privileges or ownerships. 

(3)To protect the rights and benefits of related units/offices on BLF website.

  1. The BLF global information network will not sale, trade, or rent out of any of your personal information to any particular organization, individuals, or enterprises, unless the following conditions occur : 

(1)Cooperating with the legal investigation of judicial office. 

(2)Cooperating with the duty requirements of authorities for the purpose of investigation or references. 

(3)In the belief that revelation is the requirement of law, or for the purpose of maintenance and elevation of our services on the basis of that the personal information is only for management.

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