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Organization Structure

  • Publication Date:2022-08-01

Organization Structure

Organization structure as follows:

  1. Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor setting Director General, Deputy Director General for 2 people, chief secretary, 5 business units and 4 auxiliary units.
  2. Business units for the Planning and Audit Division, Domestic Investment Division, Foreign Investment Division, Finance Management Division, Risk Management Division.
  3. Auxiliary units for the Secretariat Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting Office.
  4. Planning and Audit Division set up Planning and Research Section, Control and Evaluation Section, Audit Section.
  5. Domestic Investment Division set up Investment Mandate Management Section, in-House Investment Section1,  in-House Investment Section2.
  6. Foreign Investment Division set up in-House Investment Section, Fixed Income Mandate Section, Equity Mandate Section.
  7. Finance Management Division set up Custodian Section, Cash Management Section, Accounting and Statistics Section.
  8. Risk Management Division set up Risk Management Section, Asset Allocation Section, Information Management Section.


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